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With over 35 years of industrial and temperature controlled packaging experience, our diversified manufacturing base provides us with many different types of material and manufacturing processes to select from. Access to these resources will provide you with the correct type of packaging while ultimately achieving the lowest overall cost solution.

Fish Boxes, Industrial or Food Packaging

  • Consultation for packaging designs to include product protection, material handling and product shipments.

  • Design, proto-samples and testing services.

  • Tooling service for all types of packaging materials.

  • Direct contacts for coordination of all projects.

  • On-going continuous improvement programs.

  • JIT delivery

25 & 65lb Shipping Boxes 

50lb Airline Shipping Box

Fish Boxes & Seafood Packaging


  • Fish & Game Shipping Boxes - Various Sizes and types
  • Custom and Stock Corrugated Boxes, wax and non-wax.
  • Custom Temperature Controlled Shipping Boxes.
  • Foam shipping boxes ( molded foam and fabricated 6 panel foam)
  • Vacuum Bags / Pouches - FDA Approved
  • Custom Molded Foam Packaging (Expanded Polystyrene, Arcel, Epor, Polyethylene foams)
  • Fabricated Foam Designs (Urethane, Polyethylene and specialty foams)
  • Custom Wood Crates and Containers for reusable or One-Way Shipments.
  • Polybags, Retail T shirt bags and non-woven bags - custom printed retail bags
  • Coffee / Soup Cups
  • Retail coolers

Fish Boxes & Seafood  Packaging

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