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The foil/bubble bag combo material is designed to reflect light, heat and cold elements. The air/bubble material provides conductive insulation and when combined with the foil layer it enhances the insulation properties.

Our Airline Shipping Boxes were field tested by the staff at Fish Alaska Magazine and was issued the 2012 Field Test Award.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Transporting fresh or frozen fish or big game requires having a plan in place to ensure you have all of the materials required and a good understanding of the amount of time that will be required to get your fish or big game to your destination.

The quality of how your product arrives at your destination is solely based on how well you clean and filet, vacuum pack, freeze and pack your product in an approved Airline Shipping box that meets the duration for your travel time.

The most common types of containers used to transport fresh or frozen fish are:

  • Plastic Cooler, TRY Fold 50 lb. Airline Shipping Box, FB5 and AS2 Foam Box Kits, TRY Fold Green Coat 50 lb. Box

When deciding what type of box you plan to use to transport your fresh or frozen product, you need to think about these things.

  • Are you shipping fresh or frozen fish or game
  • Will your fish or game be cut to size or will it be large pieces or smaller fillets?
  • Will your product be vacuum packed and frozen or shipped as fresh
  • What is the duration of time it will take to get your product to your destination?
  • Are you driving or flying and if flying does the airline have any restrictions for containers and refrigerant like dry ice?

Once you can provide the answers to these questions then you should be able to confirm what type of container you plan to use. Most retailers offer these boxes as well as most of the fishing and hunting lodges.

If you are transporting frozen vacuum packed product, you will want to make sure to fill your box complete to remove any air in the box which will allow your frozen product to remain frozen for a longer duration of time

If you are transporting fresh product and want to keep it at refrigerator temperature, you should source gel ice or dry ice. When applying either of these two products, you will want to put some refrigerant on the bottom of the cooler, then your fresh product then more refrigerant. This will create a circular motion of coolant around your product. Remember to add extra dunnage if necessary to remove all the air from inside the box.

I hope these tips will help you with your packaging problems.